Grant Guidelines – Asia Wise Project 2017

Asia Wise Education is pleased to offer grants to schools to further educational activities that will enhance their Asia teaching program.


All schools that register more than 60 students in the Asia Wise Project for the grant year.

Any project that will enhance students’ knowledge and understanding about the history, geography or culture of Asia will be considered for a grant.

Schools who receive grants must be prepared to provide a report on the outcome of the program and permission for Asia Wise Education to use photos of the program for promotion of the Asia Wise Project.  Schools will also need to provide evidence of expenditure such as receipts.

All projects must be implemented during this school year.

Maximum grant is for up to $2000 with a maximum of $10000 for the year.

Preference will be given to:

  • new programs
  • programs most likely to impact on students’ attitudes towards international understanding and cooperation
  • programs that benefit the most students
  • how much the school/students will be contributing to the program.  (This contribution can be in cash or in other ways such as fundraising)

How to apply

Applicants must complete a two-page submission answering the below questions, describing the program and how it will benefit students.  The submission must include a full budget for the program including the contribution of the school and the school community.

Examples of programs that would be considered

Development of teaching programs within schools, classroom enhancements that will improve Asian teaching programs, travel to major cultural events, support of teacher costs when organising cultural trips, purchase of classroom resources and developing links with schools from other countries.


There will be two rounds of grants – one for each semester.  Schools that do not receive a grant in the first round will be eligible to reapply for the second round.

Closing dates:  Round 2  September 30 2017

All decisions on grants are final

View our latest successful grant recipients

Grant Application – Asia Wise Project 2017

Please include the following in your submission:

School name:-

School address:-

School phone:-

Teacher responsible:-

Teacher email:-

Preliminary Questions:-

Has the program for which this grant is being made been run at your school previously?

If you answered yes to the previous question, how many years has the program run? 

Have you registered 60 students in the Asia Wise Project in the current school year?  (Please attach your receipt for the current year.) 

How many students will be involved? 

Your application should be submitted under the following headings

Aims of the program

Outline of the program

Full budget for the program  (If applicable include quotes for cost of travel, accommodation, entrance fees, furniture and fittings

School contribution (cash and kind)